Let’s Talk About Mentorship

Andrea Palomo, Mentorship Chair
  1. Be a positive role model, you never know if someone is inspired by your actions and wants to follow your footsteps. Whether that is your younger siblings, family members, friends or a complete stranger, always try to create a positive environment for people around you!
  2. Ask questions if you are curious about something. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your mentors. They will always try their best to give you the best answer, and if they do not have an answer they will most likely direct you to someone who knows what you are looking for.
  3. Set expectations. Communicate with your mentor/mentee what you are hoping to get out of this experience. This will make things clear and allow you to receive/give the type of mentorship you are looking for.
  4. Your mentor/mentee doesn’t have to be your clone! Don’t feel sad if your mentor/mentee’s interests, career goals differ from yours at any point. Learn from their strengths and weaknesses and see this as an opportunity to discover new things and broaden your skill sets.
  5. Share what makes you unique. Share as much as you feel comfortable about your life, culture, hobbies, interests. This will make this relationship more genuine!
  6. Be open minded. You might feel like your mentor/mentee is not giving you the advice you want to hear, but sometimes it is necessary to be open minded and learn to take advice in a positive way. Remember to give constructive feedback and be empathetic when you are giving advice.
  7. Focus not only in successes, but also in struggles. When your mentor/mentee shares their successes, acknowledge them, and be genuinely happy for what they have accomplished. Also ask about the obstacles they had to face to get where they are, those are often excluded from the story, and are extremely important to learn from!
(left)My Parents, who have shaped the person I am today. (right) Everyone in SWE who in one way or another have given me advice or helped me achieve my goals.
(left)Amanda Guan, who was my mentor for the SWEster program! (right) Veena, who was my exec when I first became a SWE officer!
Rhys and Yoonji, my mentees for Bioengineering Mentorship Program!



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