Reflections on Evening with Industry (upcoming October 6th) and my Corporate Journey

Hana Meroth (left) & Kirthi Kumar (right), EWI co-officers, at SWE Retreat
  1. 4–4:20 are introductory remarks
  • How many employees does your company have and what is the managerial structure/how are teams divided?
  • What constitutes a successful intern project?
  • How does your company culture differ from that of your competitors?
  • Once you enter a Zoom link, there will be multiple QR codes to sign up for the 2–3 companies in the room. Sign up for all of them in the room when you get there. That way you’ll be enqueued for them and be able to speak with reps as soon as possible.
  • Have a minute-long elevator pitch prepared. Who are you, what’s your year/major, what are you interested in and why are you even talking to this company. Practice delivering it in front of a mirror (or on a lonely Zoom call). Practice it to your friends. Hit me up and practice it to me (or anyone else you know in SWE)!
  • Be gracious about the time you’re spending with the recruiter. Most companies will be spending 3–5 minutes per student, but usually a bit more depending on the queue and number of reps they have at the event.
  • Make sure you ask about any direct application links early on.
  • Be confident! Show your personality and aim to make an impact.
  • Don’t hesitate to link them to your portfolio website, Github, or LinkedIn. It can be really impactful to be confident enough to share it on the spot.



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UC Berkeley Society of Women Engineers


The UC Berkeley SWE section supports students through professional development, social events and outreach to young women interested in the STEM field.