By: SWE Officers

With Thanksgiving today, there are many things to be grateful for. We decided to ask each one of our fellow SWofficers what they are thankful for during this holiday — check out what they have to say below!

Allison Nguyen — President

“I’m thankful for SWE and…

By Jennifer Toy

I woke up early on Saturday October 30th both excited and a little nervous to be hosting the first in-person Engineering Day since 2018. For me and my committee, reviving this event without recent precedent while in the middle of a pandemic posed many challenges. …

By: SWE Officers

With it being course registration season, choosing what courses you want to take can be stressful. Coming into the process, it can be difficult to know which classes are the best to enroll in for your major and degree plan. Whether you are looking to fulfill a…

By: Kuhu Sharma

Welcome back to That’s What SWE Said! Err… the textual version, at least. Today, I’m your host, Kuhu Sharma, and we’ll be diving into what makes the UC Berkeley SWE Podcast tick.

That’s What SWE Said, or as the team behind the scenes likes to affectionately call…

9:00 am

It’s Monday morning, and I’m ready to ease into the day after a restful weekend. I have no midterms or major club events coming up, so this week is going to be pretty relaxed. I exercise, read a little bit, and drink some chai. …

By Thena Joy

This year is the first time I’ve really understood the meaning of the word “pride”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an open member of the LGTBQI+ community for five years (go bi pride), but only recently did I come to understand how powerful pride really…

UC Berkeley Society of Women Engineers

The UC Berkeley SWE section supports students through professional development, social events and outreach to young women interested in the STEM field.

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